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March 21, 2022. PredictCan Biotechnologies has been awarded by Bpifrance and received a “Bourse French Tech Emergence”

Our project have been awarded by Bpifrance and received a “Bourse French Tech Emergence”. This funding allows the initiation of our R&D program for precision medicine.

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January 20, 2022. PredictCan Biotechnologies received the Deeptech label from Bpifrance for our project on precision medicine

Our project on precision medicine have been valued by Bpifrance on the basis of the breakthrough innovation it offers and received the Deeptech label. Our project aims to develop diagnostic tools for cancers based on a technology that amplifies precancerous signals coupled with artificial intelligence for early detection of carcinogenesis or recurrence. The maturity of our technology on the technology readiness level (TRL) scale is 5-6. PredictCan Biotechnologies is leading this project in collaboration with the CHU of Montpellier.

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